iPhone 6s? 3D printers? – How to spend your £500 tech budget

29 October 2015 | About a 2 minute read
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If someone said to you “Here’s £500 pounds – go and buy some tech that you have always wanted” – it pretty much blows your mind.

I haven’t been someone who spends a lot of money on tech, as my iPhone 6 is pretty much my tech mecca. I can phone, text, listen to music, and use the odd app for step counting, photo filtering and taxi rides. I don’t need any more, do I?

In my AND Digital induction I was told we have a yearly £500 tech budget. The only thing they stipulate is that you donate any unwanted tech so it can be used elsewhere in the community. The idea behind the tech budget is to keep our people ahead of the game when it comes to digital – so that we have our pulse on the latest gadgets and gizmos in the market place and know how to use them – plus it is a great perk of being employed here. It all makes sense really, since digital is our bag.

Evelyn is always in the loop with her Apple Watch


With this new opportunity, my tunnel vision on my iphone has suddenly been lifted. It seems that after a quick conversation around the office is that this tech budget is a big deal, and people buy everything and anything. From people using the budget to be money savvy and buying a sim-only phone to those who are now able to set up a small factory in their bedrooms with 3D printers – it seems that there is a real range of what people are buying.

Gary relaxes by watching Liverpool on a 92 inch screen


Product Analyst Shanil, who is a real photography and film buff used the budget to build on his kit with a new lens – which he uses both inside and outside of work to create beautiful films and photography. Meanwhile, Gary brought an Optima HD26 projector, specifically for watching his beloved Liverpool Football club on the big screen in the comfort of his own home. Next, Kate treated herself to a Wacom pad for her illustration and drawing for her design work. When speaking to Nick, he decided to pair up his items to have a bit of a fitness package with a ipod nano and a Fitbit plus he bought an exclusive (invite only) 1+ phone. Then with others buying tablets, Wearable tech, laptops and more – the list is endless.

Now I am seriously inspired, it’s time to go shopping…..

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