International Women’s Day: How AND Digital Are Promoting Women In Tech

8 March 2017 | Kathy Marshall | About a 3 minute read
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It is a happy, celebratory AND proud International Women’s Day here at AND Digital as we celebrate all the great things women across the world have achieved throughout history.


In 2017, celebrating International Women’s Day remains a significant day to refuel the world to influence, encourage and inspire more women to achieve even more great things (and celebrate the achievements already!).


Here at AND Digital we celebrate diversity in all senses of the word and encourage people to be themselves at work – whether this means empowering our people to create communities (like our new Women in Tech community), allowing flexible work arrangements for different needs or letting our people choose a funky ANDtitle to recognise that we are more than just our job title.


We know that diverse teams are more innovative, make better decisions, have higher customer satisfaction and are more profitable. Therefore our inclusive mindset is good for our people and good for business. And going beyond AND Digital, we recognise the importance of contributing to positive change for women and more specifically, helping create a more even playing field in the Tech industry.


Here are some ways that AND Digital does this:

  • Sending a message from the top: 58% of our senior management roles are held by women. Not only does this challenge the norm but we feel this sends a strong message that our company provides equal opportunities – irrespective of diversity.
  • Flexible working: having flexible working available for both men and women means that childcare commitments needn’t be a blocker for women to return to work.
  • Involvement in the government’s STEM project: we actively participate in this project which aims to inspire younger generations to think about careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
  • Our Club names: Club Ada, named after the first women programmer Ada Lovelace and Club Dekker, whose namesake comes from Laura Dekker; the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe single-handed.
  • Our Women in Tech community of practice: this employee-run community encourages anyone who works with women in tech or is a woman in tech herself to come together and talk about diversity in the tech industry with a focus on how they can make a change or what our business should be doing to address any challenges.
  • Recruitment: our talent acquisition team are currently prioritising working towards expanding our female network by reaching out to different meetup groups targeted at Women in Tech to ensure we are generating an equal talent pool and create a more balanced workforce.
  • Culture: AND Digital’s culture allows a relentless, passionate and driven team of ANDis who accept, embrace and celebrate diversity #wonderwomen


We think this makes us pretty remarkable and today is a great day to sing and shout about not only what we do to help our female workforce thrive but also about the amazing women we have at AND Digital!

Check out our Social Media accounts to see us celebrate and showcase our remarkable women!


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