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3 May 2017 | About a 3 minute read
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A couple of weeks ago I had a pretty hectic day with a lot of things in my diary and on my to-do-list. My colleague Kathy, who was running one of our Bootcamps for the new starters came up to me and asked “Are you coming to the ‘Laughing Yoga’ session at lunch time?”.

Instead of powering through and having lunch at my desk I decided to go for it and just give it a try (plus given my ANDtitle is “Yoga Apprentice” I felt I needed to add this type of yoga to my repertoire!)


You might think “Laughing Yoga?! Sounds silly” – And I can tell you it is! And that’s exactly the point: in Laughter Yoga you don’t need a reason to laugh, but you just do it anyway. Research suggests that the effect is the same as the “fake” laughter is sending the same signals to your brain as your “real” laughter does: you feel happier!

The science behind it – According to recent studies, Laughter Yoga has the following positive effects on your health;

  • Reduced blood pressure and cortisol levels
  • Lowered perceived stress and pain
  • Boost of your overall immune system
  • Improve in emotional intelligence (who would have thought?!)

(See more here and


I participated amongst the group of our new starters as the Laughter Yoga session was part of their 4-week Bootcamp at AND Digital. Besides the obvious laughter it was also a really good team building exercise – and any potential barriers were broken down after 1 hour of intense laughter together.


Believe it or not – it was so exhausting!  The results were aching cheeks, watering eyes and  burning tummy muscles. We were all ready for a big lunch afterwards (and maybe a power nap). Most importantly, we all felt genuinely happy, energised and ready to tackle the rest of the day!


After this experience, I think Laughter Yoga is a great way to boost your team as it can help with:

  • Keeping team spirits and motivation high
  • Busting stress and tension amongst the team
  • Connecting with newbies
  • And is  just fun!

(Another positive side effect for me: It is a good way to exhaust yourself if you don’t feel like going to the gym on your lunch break!)


If you want to have fun at work (not only during Laughter Yoga) and fancy joining one of our Bootcamps check out our latest roles at AND Digital here:


Oh, and by the way: I still got everything done that was on my to-do-list for that day as I was more productive after this fun break. Keep calm and laugh on!

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