Hypergrowth: Reach For The Stars And Make it Happen

18 August 2017 | Kate MacDonald | About a 3 minute read
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Here at AND Digital we’re always happy to talk about the rapid growth we are experiencing and love the opportunity to share the insights we have gained so far.

To help other companies who are on the same journey as us we have developed our own cheat sheet on how to make this happen and I give you…..

The “Reach for the Stars AND Make it Happen” Checklist™:

Got a fantastic idea for a new product?           tick

Got a great name for your new company?      tick

Got a great logo?                                                 tick

Got an ambitious growth plan?                         tick

Know how to make it happen?                         ….


Ah yes, it turns out that actually making it happen is a tad trickier than it looks, and you need more than a cheat sheet to learn to love the experience. I’d like to share with you some of the learnings we have had over the past couple of years from the challenges we have faced:

Know what your company’s core beliefs are: If you grow rapidly, chances are you reinvest any cash you receive back into the business and this leads to some tough decisions. We could invest more into growth but in doing so we would lose something much more important to us – our clients and our ANDis. We are a people based business and it is important that we have a good relationship both with our clients and our ANDis, and we actively choose to invest in our clients and ANDis as well as growth. Our core belief that people should feel part of a team led to the design of our business structure of clubs so that we could maintain the strengths that come from a small interdependent team. Yes it’s less cost-efficient, but the benefit of the strong teams outweighs this.


Be real-optimistic: Never lose sight of what you want to achieve and realise that some days you will not hit the targets you wanted. Last year we had a challenging quarter and we realised that, yes we needed a Plan B that was a realistic goal. We then upped our next quarter’s targets above our Plan B and we achieved it. We were optimistic that the quarter could be better and we translated that into realistic plans about how we could achieve it.


Break it into pieces: We started the company with a five year growth plan. Where we wanted to be in 2019 looked very daunting, and to make it more achievable, we broke the plan down into what we needed to do each year.  By concentrating on what we need to achieve each year and then by each quarter we are able to concentrate on the truly important items to keep us on the rapid growth plan.


It’s easier with friends: When focussing on the business, it’s so easy to become obsessed on a small problem and to miss the bigger picture. We have quarterly meetings with industry experts from outside of the company. They offer advice on issues we face and guidance on how the world is changing to help us to maintain our long-term strategy.


And finally, in the words of our CEO Paramjit Uppal, “If you believe, if you work hard then it will happen.”


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