HR works slightly differently here at AND Digital…

29 September 2017 | Claire Cliff | About a 2 minute read
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Since working at AND I have really noticed a number of factors that make HR stand out from the norm… here are a few:


Recruitment – Our recruitment process means we hire a whole team at the same time, allowing them to bond AND be a fully fledged ‘Squad’ that are ready to work on client site by the end of their four week induction – or Bootcamp as we like to call it! There are six squads within Club Ada and Club Dekker and we are excited to have welcomes the first squad for our new third Club – Club Turing!


Basecamp – Alongside our Clubs, we have Basecamp. This is made up of various support staff, including the talent team, client acquisition, tech and coaching, professionalising digital, finance and recruitment. This team’s sole focus is to support our clubs and drive the company forward with its BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal).


HR Leads – Although we operate as separate Clubs within AND Digital (our bonus missions set quarterly are individual to each club), the HR Leads all follow the same policy procedures to make sure we are all compliant.


The team – The HR team meet up on a regular basis with our Chief Happiness Officer and Talent leads, to ensure we are aware of any current challenges or upcoming changes / offerings etc. It feels good to know we are all working together in unity and communicating effectively.


There are not many companies that identify how important it is to keep these support groups connected. With AND constantly growing too, it would be very easy to miss vital changes without the regular updates. It is also great to have a team where you feel comfortable sharing information and where you feel your voice is being heard.

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