How we champion mental health at work

8 May 2017 | Harbinder Uppal | About a 2 minute read
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This week is Mental Health Awareness week with the theme of surviving or thriving; taking the focus away from mental ill-health to cultivating good mental health. During this week, the Mental Health foundation will be providing advice and insight into how we can build good mental health in the context of our work, our digital world, our parenting approach and in our communities.

At AND Digital we take mental wellbeing seriously. We have trained Mental Health Champions who focus on preventative measures to mental health problems; giving our people the tools to thrive mentally.

We believe our approach will make all the difference between striving or thriving by having a long- term shift of the way mental health is viewed in the workplace

We focus on three areas;

  • How we talk about mental health

We promote positive mental health in the same way as being in good physical health. We have transparent conversations on managing stress and building resilience. Believing that it’s good to talk, we discuss issues in our monthly newsletter.


  • How we support our people

Our Mental Health Champions provide confidential non-judgmental support. They are available to talk to anyone experiencing mental distress, however small the issue may be. We understand good relationships are fundamental to mental wellbeing. That’s why we have numerous ways for people to socialise during and after working hours. Every ANDi has free access to our Employee Assistance programme. This allows our people instant access to confidential counselling and the support that reinforces the message to talk. Our people have access to a wealth of information on daily living and life events.

  • How we work together to make our programme effective

We normalise mental health in the workplace by removing the stigma surrounded by mental health issues. This is the message across AND Digital where leads and interested people have been trained on mental health awareness. We keep our plans for mental health connected to our overall BHAG’s (big hairy audacious goals) so that everyone is aware of why we are doing this. Soon, we will be able to measure our effectiveness through our monthly pulse checks.  

We see AND Digital as a family. In any family, you take pride when everyone is thriving mentally.


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