Hobbycraft: Putting Content At The Heart Of The Development Team

15 May 2017 | Sandra Falque | About a 2 minute read
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One of the main principles of Agile is that customer or user feedback should be at the heart of the product development. The product is meant to be developed in an iterative way, using customer feedback to improve it and bring it closer to meeting the customers’ need in each new iteration.

In theory, this process sounds easy, but collecting, assessing, measuring and auctioning customers’ feedback can take time, and may delay the development process.

At Hobbycraft, the first arts and crafts retailers in the UK, the knitting team called “Knitcraft” has found the solution.

With an online only presence, Knitcraft works as a small structure within Hobbycraft with its own brand, office place and social networks community. The team is small (only 3 members) but highly efficient, partly thanks to its innovative organisation which places content first.

One of the 3 team members is a “yarn master” – passionate about knitting, she supervises patterns creation, interacts with suppliers and knitting designers while managing Knitcraft’s online community and providing feedback on the website.

Being a knitter herself, she knows what the main trends are and which products customers’ expect to find on the website, what information is vital when buying some wool or yarn and how to be competitive for customers.

Sitting in the same room as other members of the e-commerce team, she can directly influence the design of the website interface, the planning of the next promotions and the online product range.

Knitcraft still cares about customer feedback and data of course: both are collected and analysed as they are for the rest of the business. But, by having a content expert located at the heart of the e-commerce team, it makes the delivery process much more agile and quicker than in any traditional scrum team.

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