Green Week Wednesday – Fun ways to reuse things around the house

2 November 2016 | About a 4 minute read
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It’s the third day of AND Digital’s Green Week, and we are focusing on REUSING items. Yes, I get it, you’re far too important and busy to be thinking about reusing your belongings… yes it is much easier to just buy something new… STOP!  You too can make a contribution to saving the world, and save your money in a few, very simple steps.

You’d think it would be obvious, but you’d be surprised at how much money you can save. By reusing items, you can seriously make a reduction to your outgoings. Consistency is also the key; whilst some projects may only save you pennies to begin with… you’ll see the pennies really look after they turn into pounds! If you reuse frequently, and in many different ways, the savings will add up.

Most importantly, think about the environment! Imagine a world where nothing is wasted, the environment is protected and landfills are once again empty. The standard London household collectively throws away 40,000 tonnes of rubbish per week – yes I know you think this isn’t you, this isn’t your lifestyle – but imagine multiplying your waste by tens of millions… bingo.


It’s time to get creative! Channeling your creativity can be a fun and relaxing challenge. Fed up of that old frame on the wall? Re-use and make a new one. Need new tea towels? How about that old t-shirt that your boyfriend doesn’t wear anymore…


Feeling inspired? Here are 5 creative ways to get you on the road to re-using:


Old clothing – When your favourite T-shirts have more holes in them than your kitchen colander, it’s time to put them into retirement. Why not pay homage to the good old times you and that shirt had and get crafty! You could sew them into a pillow, a teapot cosy or bundle them into the dog’s basket for a comfier night’s sleep.


Jars and pots – Give your glasses jars and small pots and a new lease of life with a lick of paint and bam – now you have some lovely containers to store those odds and ends.. (and those pesky hairbands that seem to end up all over the house…!)



Shoe Boxes – Being the shoe diva that I am today, it’s safe to say I have collected more than my fair share of shoe boxes over the years. However these can come in handy as storage inside the wardrobe or separating undies in the dresser-drawers – you can also easily label, or wrap for quick identification.

Wine Corks – Don’t just toss all the wine corks you’ve accumulated over the years! Keep track of your keys by making a cute floating keychain, or use another to safely store knives in a drawer. You could even create an artistic cork board for your kitchen to hold important messages, bills or little (or rather large…) reminders for your housemates.



Squeezy Soap Bottles – Dish soap bottles (make sure they are thoroughly cleaned though!!!) can in fact make the perfect baking accompaniment- a mess free way of squeezing the perfect amount of pancake batter onto a hot griddle! And for all you techies out there… you could even cut it up and make it into a phone charge holding unit.


But remember after all, reusing items doesn’t just have to be all about keeping the clutter and making it into something new. Reusing can also be about clearing out and donating to those who will really want/need it. Throughout Green Week all our ANDis have been donating clothing, food and tech to give to our local communities.


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