Green Week Thursday – Get Recycling In Your Office

3 November 2016 | Harbinder Uppal | About a 2 minute read
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It’s a scary fact that landfills in the UK are almost full. We all know it makes sense to recycle but do we really do enough. During our Green Week, we wanted to highlight exactly why recycling is important and encourage our people to make positive changes in the right direction.

In an office environment, there is an abundance of paper and cardboard. We go paperless by default as we live digital. By storing all of our documents electronically, we have reduced our paper receipts and invoicing. We take advantage of cloud based applications. Sharing information this way makes life easier and more efficient in the office.

We have the adapted the following initiatives too:

Recycling bins

Arguably the easiest way to recycle. We placed mixed recycling bins at all our office sites. Our Recycling officer manages the communication and measures the impact we have made. And our external contractors collect the bins. The whole process works seamlessly.

Addressing techno waste

As a tech company, we encourage our people to keep ahead of the latest technological advances. As there are always newer, better, more powerful products on the market it leads you to question how this old tech is being disposed of.

Rather than discarding our tech and adding to the e-waste “mountain” we have put policies in place to recycle our used tech responsibly and sustainably.

Printer cartridges

Most printer cartridges end up in landfill sites which causes pollution through the emission of greenhouse gases and contamination of chemicals to the soil. We recycle these to be reproduced or broken down into usable parts.

We are still making small changes to make a big difference. We intend to make our office space a greener one.

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