Green Week Monday – A pledge worth keeping

31 October 2016 | About a 1 minute read
Tags: CSR, environment, Green Week

This week we decided to ditch our famous red and switch to green for Green Week. We are spending the week looking at ways we can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle as a company, and individuals.

We kicked off the week by making it personal. We asked people to make a pledge to show their commitment in making a difference to the environment. This gave everyone a reason to be involved and highlight issues that may be personal to them. The aim of the week is to inform and encourage our people to think about our environmental impact. We hope to make a real lasting difference.

We set up green desks at different sites for people to make their pledges. As well as galvanising everyone to follow by example, it helped our people to think consciously about the pledges they made. We inspired our people to do a good deed by setting realistic goals. This way their goals would be achievable and likely to become a habit.

These ranged from reducing your computer power to walking the stairs every day. We shared our pledges during the day over our social media sites.

So far this morning our people have made 10 different pledges, which is a fantastic start to our Green Week. Continue to read our blogs throughout the week to see what we get up to!

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