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3 July 2017 | Jo Henley | About a 3 minute read
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It has only been a few months since I first started as an ANDi at AND Digital, but from the start (I promise I was not made to write this) you could tell they were well on their way to accomplishing something that so many companies often miserably fail at – and that is giving back to both their employees and the community.

A 2016 survey of 500 UK office workers were asked to rate on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest) how motivated and energised they felt during the working week. Over half of the respondents rated their energy and motivation below five. There have been numerous studies over the last few years showing the links between motivation and business performance. So it would make sense that companies should make employees motivation and productivity a priority.


I am proud to say that this is where AND Digital has come up trumps and dealt with this business need from the beginning. They have motivated ANDis by developing a long-term wellbeing programme AND quarterly bonus incentives, as well as other initiatives. This gives our people the chance to get further rewarded for their work. For a company that invests in their people and tries to motivate them in numerous ways, this provides the opportunity to benefit themselves also. For me personally, having incentives and a sense of appreciation makes me want to give back to AND and work to the best of my ability. Below are a few of the many ways AND have achieved this;

  • As part of the wellness scheme AND Digital provide monthly massages across our different offices for employees. Not only does this give you a much needed break from working hard and a chance to de-stress, but who doesn’t like massages?!
  • Fruit deliveries to stay healthy whilst building products and delivering great work!
  • AND Digital have also recently introduced the cycle-to-work scheme. This programme offers sessions for cycle maintenance, road safety and access to bikes for those that don’t wish or aren’t able to buy
  • AND have introduced Mental Health Champions within the company who are ready to help employees who many have any mental health distress. This has helped normalise mental health in the workplace and is a major step forward in employee wellbeing, which should definitely be protocol for many businesses


By giving back to ANDis, this is turn makes us motivated to help others and the community. By doing this, others can also recognise the positive impact AND makes, which could help the business grow even further. AND currently run STEM workshops where UK schools are given the opportunity to boost attainment in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). AND offer employees the chance to be a STEM ambassador, where our people can volunteer and work with local schools. They also help towards the planet with contributing to recycling, amongst many other green initiatives. In the last month 312 KGs of waste was recycled and AND Digital plan to recycle even more!

Giving back to those who work for you and the community are small positive steps to progressing and growing into something bigger and better. Companies take note!


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