Day 1 of Bootcamp Number 5!

24 November 2015 | Gary Houlihan | About a 4 minute read
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Day One of our 5th Bootcamp kicked off yesterday where we welcomed a new bunch of ANDis to our 5 week induction!

Yesterday they spent a bit of time learning about what AND Digital is all about. They had meet and greets with our CEO AND Pacesetter Paramjit, Chief Product Officer AND Grand Designer Stephen,  and the rest of Ground Ops yesterday morning at Headrooms in Farringdon. They also got acquainted with their new shiny laptops!

As well as that, Lisa, our Academy Lead AND Amateur Skier, took them through how the ANDacademy can help them upskill with AND Digital’s 5 pronged approach and why learning is so important to us. Martin,  Product Analyst AND Traveller, popped in in the afternoon to talk about ANDtech, which is our governance and oversight of technology. ANDtech makes sure we’re using the the right tools, systems and processes for us to work together effectively. Professionalizing Digital Consultant AND London Explorer Sandra spoke to our new ANDi’s about the work our Professionalizing Digital team do. (which you can read more about here!)

At 4pm the new ANDis braved the cold to start #AND15 – a treasure hunt between Headrooms and our office near Covent Garden. The new ANDis then split into 3 teams and self-named their teams  – Team Awesome, Team Err and Team #weneedpaper and then began their quest!

They finished the day with some drinks at our recently refurbished office.

Some photos from Day 1:


Slack for iOS Upload-7

Our new ANDis mingle with Ground Ops at Breakfast


The Group gets welcomed to AND Digital by our CEO and Pacesetter Paramjit!



 Team Err acting Touristy at a Red Postbox



 Team Err replicating a poster



Team Err photographer Mehdi snaps some pics for the treasure hunt!



 Team Awesome in Fancy Dress


How many of our new ANDis can we fit in a phone box ? Seems like it’s 5!


Drinks with ANDi’s old and new at the end of #AND15!

A lot of fun for Day One! We’ll be revealing what we can over the 5 weeks here and on our social pages – Facebook and Twitter –  without spoiling too much of the fun for future squads. For our new ANDi’s  – why not check out Nick’s 8 tips on how to make the most of your ANDbootcamp experience here!

Brings back some great memories from when I went through Bootcamp just a year ago!

Want to join the fun and be part of one of our upcoming bootcamps?! Check out the Join Us page here!

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