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20 December 2016 | About a 5 minute read
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With Christmas only a few days away, it is the perfect excuse to bring the Christmas festivities straight to your phone. Here are some of the most festive apps for you to check out this holiday!



What the Elf? – Like temple run? Then you will love the Christmassy version with its very own gingerbread man or woman – on the run! The game lets you direct your running biscuit by swiping left and right, up and down to avoid low flying Santa’s and spinning obstacles and gaining chocolate coins to win points. The longer you run and the more coins you collect the more levels you unlock.

Best features – The Christmas sound effects help you get in to the Christmas spirit – and the little gingerbread fella is a nice chance from the grunting Temple Run man! The graphics look good, and makes for pleasant gaming experience!

Chimney Blockers –  The app will make you click through a few pop ups to get to the game, and unlike Temple Run you need to get used to the Gingerbread character running backwards a few strides once hit! It is free to play with Mr Gingerbread, but watch out – it’s a staggering £14.99 to buy the female!

2/5 Red Noses




My Secret Santa 

What the Elf? – This secret santa app takes away the pain of having to write names on a piece of paper, put them in a cup and getting people in a room to draw their secret Santa. Eugh, what a strain! However, this app lets you easily input all the participant’s names and emails, press ‘go’ and the app does its magic delivering a smart email with all the instructions, max spend and date of gift exchange to your group. The app user face is attractive, easy to use and feels very Christmassy!

Sparkle Factors –  if people do not get on, or you do not want to let couples get one another you can make pairings to avoid, which is handy. Another feature is the fact that even the organiser does not know who got who, plus you never accidentally pick yourself!

Chimney Blockers –  There is not a huge reason to go back on to the app, rather than a countdown until your gift swap. So it is more of a one-minute wonder!

4/5 Red noses




Xmas Booth

What The Elf? – This App wiles away a humorous few minutes by letting you decorate either a preloaded or just taken photo with Christmas accessories. Think Santa moustache, reindeer horns, a buxom Mrs Santa outfit and many more!

Sparkle factors – The app lets you instantly share your masterpiece via Social Media, email or enabling you just to save it directly on to your phone for a chuckle later. The ability to place the overlaying accessories is really easy, letting you pinch, stretch, rotate them to adjust size and positioning – to make the most convincing red nose on your photo.

Chimney Blockers –  As always these apps are keen to make money, so some of the more elaborate Christmas decking are paid for features, costing 79p a pop – unless you collect enough coins by sharing your snap. A very simple app and in terms of design it is not going to scoop many prizes, but fun all the same.

3/5 Red Noses




A Call From Santa

What the Elf? – Ever wanted a direct line to Father Christmas, or to be able to drop him a text to check in – or just leave him a voice mail? Well with “A call from Santa” you can do all of the above and cause whatever pleasure, or mischief you like!

Sparkle factors – Schedule a call for your little one inputting their name (and its phonetic spelling), their likes and the reason for Father Christmas’s call. There are so many personalisation options, from having reasons for calling ranging from ‘not believing in him’ to ‘being added to the nice/naughty list’ and then choosing your reason why – to just to wish someone a merry Christmas. The phone calls themselves are really great, with your name mentioned, gaps for speaking and a voice that takes you straight to Lapland! When trialling the text options and asking about his reindeer, I got a coherent response and continued the conversation on a bit. The phone call interface, sounds and merry ring tone and voice of Father Christmas are all really believable!

Chimney Blockers- The only downside is not being able to play pranks or surprise unwitting people as it has to be through your phone and you can’t input another phone number. Nevertheless, a top app!

5/5 Red Noses




Elf Yourself

What the elf? – If you fancy making a modern day Christmas card for friends and family, then this is the app to do so.  Elf yourself lets you set faces onto dancing Elves and then you can choose a particular festive song or message for them to dance along to. The outcomes are humorous and will raise a smile on anyone.

Sparkle Factors – This is super easy and quick to use, as you can take a photo or choose and existing one to set your faces. There range of dances to choose from are great, and the Elves can really bust a move on the dancefloor. The video is instantly downloadable and able to be posted on social media, making it great for sharing.

Chimney Blockers – As always with free apps, there are a number of pop ups and added extras costing upwards of 79p – which do detract from the overall user experience. Never the less for an impactful video to share at this time of year

3/5 Red Noses



There are so many more apps out there for the festive period, so let us know in the comments below what your favourites are!


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