Celebrating Ada Lovelace Week – Day 4 An Interview with Prabh

13 October 2016 | Prabhjot Kaur | About a 4 minute read
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Prabh Kaur – Product Analyst & Yoga Enthusiast

I am an experienced Product Analyst and Product Owner and work with teams to deliver rich digital products.

What led you to a career at AND Digital?

When I was young I always dreamt of visiting London, thanks to a Bollywood movie where a young girl visits London and meets the love of her life.

Years later, this became a reality for me when my husband got an opportunity to work in London. We tartpent almost 6 months analyzing whether this would work for us and decided to take the plunge. I left my job in Bangalore and headed to London in the cold month of December.

As anyone who’s spent a winter in London can imagine, it wasn’t the most pleasant experience to start with  – cold weather, grey skies and the process of searching for a job!

In due course, I started attending software industry events and meetups. I met people who were working with startups, trying new careers and experimenting with hobbies. I had never been so inspired!

I stopped seeing not having a job as a problem but an opportunity to grow myself professionally and connect with people. About three months later, an acquaintance referred me to AND Digital and I started my London adventure. It was worth the wait as it prepared me for the exciting times ahead.

What sparked your interest in IT?

I studied electrical and electronics engineering in university which honed my analytical and problem solving skills. My first job was with a manufacturing company as an account manager, optimising delivery. I worked with people across the supply management chain, from R&D engineers who designed the products to the truck drivers who delivered the shipments. While I was working there,the company started investing in Just-In-Time where I had the opportunity to get involved as an analyst, documenting business requirements.

The whole transformation was difficult as it involved convincing third party vendors to adopt new ways of working, introducing new tools and processes, and incorporating edge cases, but I enjoyed every bit of it. I realized the power of technology and grasped what an important role people played to build great products. This motivated me to pursue a career in product management.

What challenges have you encountered along the way?

It is rare to come across women working in senior positions; It would be nice if there were more women in leadership roles that could mentor those of us in earlier stages of our careers.

Fortunately, at AND Digital I have encountered people who have guided me on how I can excel professionally. For example, my colleague and mentor – Jo Crossick – helped my realise how significant my supply chain management experience is in the digital world. This in turn enables me to look at a problem in a more holistic way.

The feeling of “I haven’t figured it all out” affected my confidence, especially when I’ve felt like everyone else had! I overcame this during an AND Digital training session, where I learnt that “having figured it all out” is impossible. We are told our whole lives that being perfect is a good thing, but I feel that it is less about striving for the right thing and instead tends to breed more fear and insecurity. There’s no such thing as the perfect person, only people trying to improve themselves.

Who has inspired you?

I draw inspiration from a lot of people.

To mention a few..

My art teacher in school – She taught me that there is no replacement for hard work

Dushka Zapata is a marketing professional and an author on Quora. She is a proponent of how to live ferociously happy and how to embrace oneself.

My colleagues at AND Digital and beyond – I have come across amazing people at AND Digital who are talented and have a good understanding of the challenges women face in tech, especially those who have dealt them with grace and poise.

Lastly, my partner, who has been extremely supportive at every stage in my professional and personal life.

How would you like to inspire others?

Given that the confidence and growth I have achieved is based on the support I have received from my colleagues, I would like to extend the same support to anyone who needs it. I consciously try to look out for my team members and coach them to overcome their fears.

I inspire others by working hard, being ferociously happy and passionate about the work I do.

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