Benefits of Working as an Agile Scrum Team in Recruitment

3 January 2018 | Nermin Kadiric | About a 3 minute read
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In recruitment the landscape is constantly changing so you have to adapt to the changes or you will be left behind by the herd. This applies especially to Technical Recruitment where the market is very competitive for the technical talent, specifically in the case of Software Engineers. Thinking outside the box when sourcing is one thing, but what about the actual way your talent team is working?


This brings me to AND Digital and our approach to recruitment. AND Digital embraces agile ways of working internally and with our clients. This is not just in it’s successful Software Engineering teams, but across other functions and recruitment is no exception to this rule.


In today’s day and age, no one enjoys being micro managed or having KPI’s shoved down their throats, so finding a compromise is essential, and I feel that we have hit the nail on the head here at AND Digital.


Working as a Scrum Team:

AND Digital’s recruitment team works as an Agile Scrum team with two weeks sprints.

We kick off each morning with a Scrum meeting at our Agile Board. Each of our team members has a vertical market they are responsible for and they come prepared with their plan of action for the day. This could be how many candidates they aim to phone screen, update on their candidate pipeline, how many interviews are coming in for a face-to-face, how many offers need to be closed, how many have accepted etc. This is a great opportunity to get a feel for where everyone is within the team and any blockers that need to be addressed.

This also helps us work towards the common team goal, which is how many hires we need in order to put together our next ANDbootcamp.


The recruiters will develop SMART (Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) goals for the week on what they want to achieve and are held accountable at the end of the sprint week. This can be anything from how many candidates they want to screen, how many face to face interviews they want to have in that week and how many offers they want to send out and so forth.


Most importantly, this is all visually captured on our Agile board. And as a result we have seen great results across the business in terms of the hires we make, and the overall scaling of AND teams.


Benefits of working in an Agile Scrum team within recruitment:

  • Scrum allows you to prioritise your work and time: By prioritising these, your Talent Team will be more effective and efficient and be more informed of the actual talent market they are recruiting for
  • Working in two week sprints with a dedicated Scrum Master for the period: This person is the facilitator for the team and is there to help you achieve the team goals
  • Accountability: You are able to hold people accountable in regards to their objectives/goals and respective actions
  • Scrum Retrospective: Your team can discuss and reflect at the end of the two week sprint. For example, what went well (achievements), what didn’t go so well, what we have learnt and what we can improve on. This is also a chance for the team to vent a little in a safe and closed environment should they feel the need to


As a result of working as an Agile Scrum team we have had a very successful year in achieving the recruitment goals and have even been recognised nationally in the industry at the In House Recruitment Awards, winning the ‘Best Technical Recruitment Team’ award.


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