AND Digital Awarded “Extraordinary” 3 Star Accreditation by Best Companies

18 November 2016 | Debbie Martin | About a 2 minute read
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In January AND Digital will turn three years old. Not only is this a great milestone in the journey for any start-up, but it also means that we are eligible for the first time to enter into the 2017 Best Companies accreditation list.

Best Companies has long been the assessment of great places to work and they publicise an annual list in the Sunday Times that candidates and clients alike take note of when considering if an organisation really lives up to its hype.

Earlier this month 90% of our people completed the ‘Be Heard’ survey from Best Companies.  The survey gives employees the opportunity to rate categories such as ‘Leadership’, ‘My Company’, ‘My Manager’, ‘Personal Growth’, ‘My Team’, ‘Wellbeing’, ‘Fair Deal’ and ‘Giving Something Back’.  All responses are anonymous, so honesty is encouraged and respected.

Although the Best Companies list positions don’t come out until February, we received notification this week that the numbers had already been crunched and Best Companies were informing participants of their accreditation.

 The accreditation is a 0-3 star rating system based on a company’s Best Companies Index score.  They rate companies:
  •  ‘Ones to watch’ is Good
  • ‘1 Star’ is Very Good
  •  ‘2 Stars’ is Outstanding
  •  ‘3 Stars’ is Extraordinary
 We are absolutely thrilled that despite being one of the youngest companies in the Index, AND Digital has been awarded a 3 Star Accreditation!

Given how much every ANDi contributes to making AND Digital remarkable, it is wonderful to receive an external perspective on what we are building and recognise AND Digital as an extraordinary place to work!

 Our journey is by no means over, and we now have some rich data points to guide us on the next three years! Watch this space to see whether we hit the list in February!


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