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27 October 2016 | Chris Hampton | About a 2 minute read
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A critical part of running a successful digital function is having the appropriate structures and environment for your people to grow and develop. From our experience, organisations place a lot of emphasis in creating the right work environment and encouraging the right culture and behaviours but often ignore having suitable structures and processes in place to help guide and grow people’s careers. The first place to start is by having a competency model (a formal structure that lists a collection of competencies, where each competency defines one aspect of behaviour an employee must exhibit to perform well in her/his job), which if done and implemented correctly will help improve your strategic capabilities, drive employee performance and focus on employee development. 

To help give you a head start, we have developed a competency model which covers all the roles you typically would expect within an agile delivery team. Click to download here. To complement the model, have a look at the role profiles we shared to provide you with further context on the roles outlined in the competency model.  It is important to remember that in order to realise the full potential of the competency model, you need to have an accountable owner(s) who can drive the implementation and adoption and then subsequently embed  across your key people processes e.g. recruitment, L&D, performance management etc. to bring it to life.

Happy reading and we would love to hear your feedback for us evolve the model.

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