A day in the life of a Chief Tech & Talent Officer (AND Grand Designer)

29 March 2017 | Stephen Paterson | About a 4 minute read
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Incredibly, over 3 years have passed since I was part of starting the AND Digital journey with Paramjit. I still recall our first day when we had ideas, drive, inspiration and of course the focus on what we believed would eventually turn into what is now a Sunday Times ‘Best Small Company to Work For’ and a recognised, award winning business for learning and development for our people and clients. Remarkable stuff – /blog/AND-Digital-awarded-extraordinary-3-star-accreditation-by-times-best-companies/ 

Until this point my career had been a fairly interesting and global adventure, starting as a SAP developer in Silicon Valley, before being lured back to the UK with a Management Consulting firm and after 5 years joining one of my clients as IT Director and then latterly as their eCommerce Director.  Building and growing a multi-channel business in both the US and Europe was both challenging and fulfilling at the same time! I was then tempted by a UK retailer to join them as an IT Director for the their online business. At one point and as a small dress rehearsal for AND Digital, I did have a small foray into running my own boutique eCommerce strategy and development business.

The common theme throughout all of my roles has been my desire to operate at pace, deliver results quickly, work on interesting customer facing tech and build talented and multi-functional teams on a global basis. For me, my career was all about getting as much variety in my roles as possible and I believe this was mostly fulfilled. At this stage, little did I know that I had the space and appetite for much, much more.

I was reflecting recently on my day, my week, my month, my year and the sheer variety of the work I execute with our clients and as part of my role within AND Digital.  I have described my role to others outside of our business as a blend of IT Director, Chief Digital Officer, Internal Recruiter, CTO – hence the rather long job title I settled upon!

To give you some insight as to what this actually means and what motivates me and really connects me to our business (acknowledging that no two days are the same), I thought I would share with you one of my recent days in the month of March:

4.30am – 6.30am – Trail and road run (complete with head torch) and Hampshire wildlife!

7.08am – why sit when you can stand on the train for an hour, getting quite good at holding Macbook in one hand while typing with the other…

8.30am – 9am – Complete writing the job spec for one of new role – Chief Technologist

9am – 10am – Account Review for one of our major clients – exploring opportunities to provide our Academy (our award winning Learning and Development capability – did I mention award winning?…)

10am – 11am – Review of a press release and blog announcing an important strategic alliance between AND Digital and YLD – /blog/AND-Digital-yld-join-forces/

11am – 12pm – Interview of a Senior Java Engineer – not a great fit for AND Digital on this occasion – however we keep the bar high!

12pm – 1pm – Lunch time pilates – I am getting old…

1pm – 3pm – Working with one of our new clients – assessment of their decision support platforms and AI/machine learning capability

3.30pm – 4pm – On the phone (mostly on hold) trying to sort out the fibre cabling and wayleave agreements for one of our new offices

4pm – 5pm – Client work – reviewing and critiquing their omni channel retail strategy and proposing where we can help further

5pm – 6pm – Meeting to decide final go/no-go on our migration to G-Suite

6.35pm – Standing room only again on the train home, they apologised for the inconvenience, which was nice…


Why did I feel it necessary to share all of this? Well, firstly, if you are like me and are motivated by change, pace, variety and constant context switching, then maybe you should take a look at and see if we are the right place for you to come work and accelerate your career aspirations. Secondly, I am immensely proud of being part of AND Digital – a business that started with big goals with a group of talented individuals and has grown into a recognised professional services firm known for helping our clients build and accelerate their own digital capability, all supported by our award winning Academy. Did I mention award winning?

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