The “12 Perks” of AND Digital Christmas!

18 December 2015 | About a 4 minute read
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With Christmas just around the corner, we bring you our 12 days of AND Digital Christmas, made of 12 of our favourite perks AND special extras!

1.      The office playlist – We are not one for working in silence, when the mood takes us  – expect jazz, electronic, pop and (around this time of year) a whole load of Christmas tunes!

2.    ANDsnap – If you are snap happy and love your photography, then you can join the ANDsnap Slack channel. With monthly themes ranging from ‘black and white’, ‘a bit backendish’ and this month ‘selfie’ – expect to be entertained on a daily basis!



3.     Free pick and mix – Sometimes you just need a little sweet treat, so the free pick and mix in the office does just that. Oh, and there are bananas for the healthy lot too!

4.     Tech budget – being a digital company it’s great to have a £500 budget to spend on some exciting new tech, and give yourself an early Christmas present.



5.      Digital detox days – Living, breathing and working digital means that sometimes it’s a relief to turn off your phones and get away for a day. We’ve been painting, Segway riding, cycling and zooming down zip lines!



6.     Blog – Having a forum to express our views on all things digital, means we can be right in the action of online discussions and let our content go viral!


Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 10.14.55


7.    Friday fun at 4.44 ([email protected]) – Expect games, quizzes, challenges, snacks, beer, the occasional limbo and a whole lot of madness..!




8.      The famous red beer fridge – This magical fridge is the centre of all our socials, full to the brim with beer! More often than not an impromptu party starts on a Friday after the [email protected] where the fridge comes in handy!


9.         Viral videos – There are many moments of ‘lights camera action’ at our home in Covent Garden when we film our monthly viral video. Have you seen our Christmas sing-a-long? Expect the unexpected! Check out our YouTube channel here


10.   Bonus scheme – Being awarded for upskilling, innovation and feedback to others is a whole new approach to getting your extra pennies for Christmas.

11.  Christmas ball – A time to get your glad rags on, celebrate with your friends and have a boogie! This Christmas our ball theme is “black tie with a twist of red”.




Check out some of the photos here!

12.   Red chair – This is the AND Digital throne and the chair you sit on for your famous photo shoot when you become an ANDi. If you would like to take a seat on the red chair, click here to find out how to join us!





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