What's the Academy?

The Academy. We approach learning differently.

In the ever changing world of digital, it’s difficult to keep up with the relevant skills you need to get ahead and it’s hard to know where to begin. The AND Digital Academy is the one stop shop for all digital learning needs to help teams and individuals grow. We blend our market-leading expertise in training, bootcamps, coaching and communities to upskill both our people and our clients so they can become lifelong learners and reach their digital aspirations. Simple really.

How we help clients:

Confirming the digital skill gaps, priorities and ways of making it happen either as programme or as an internal “Academy”
Tailoring our own learning, with a pick 'n' mix of our offerings and the client’s own
Delivering the learning through our own in-house trainers and coaches as well as external partners
Supporting as much or little as you need, in areas such as comms, logistics, learning management/admin and reinforcement

Be Digital

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and passion for digital upskilling and have the network of trainers and coaches to go with it

Be Creative

We build a buzz around learning and do this by our continuous development of new and exciting ways to upskill

Be Ahead

We identify the upskilling needs for individuals, teams and organisations to stay ahead in the world of digital

Be The Best

Both our people and our clients love to grow, develop and progress their careers and the ANDacademy supports them all the way

Academy Offerings

The Client Journey


We'll work with you to understand your digital skill gaps and future needs



We'll design a tailored upskilling programme, with a pick 'n' mix of our offerings that suit your needs



We'll deliver upskilling to your people with our network of inhouse trainers and coaches as well as external partners



We’ll be there as much or little as you need us post delivery, to ensure your upskilling proves it's business value

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