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Matt Rosenquist

Product Developer AND Punny Person

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I am a second generation Computer Scientist with over 14 years of experience. I started as a junior developer and worked up to a director at an SME, gaining experience in many different areas along the way: developing, leading, front-end, back-end, consultancy, technical sales support, client support, to name a few. Most recently before starting at ANDigitial, I led a cross-functional Agile team to deliver a disruptive new website/in-store experience for one of the largest auto-manufacturing groups, and am personally very proud the team delivered it on time against the odds. I have strong security background from dealing with very large clients with complex security requirements, delivering software for the NHS and managing the ISO27001:2013 certification for many years.


Telepathy - to allow me to transmit new ideas and concepts across instantly.

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