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Chris Wintle

Head of Software Engineering AND Aspiring Chef

Career background

I started my career as a Computer Science graduate on the balmy shores of Cardiff. For the past ten years I have worked as a product developer for a broad range of clients and more recently I have worked as Technical Lead/Tech Manager, running both small and large teams of developers. Across the last ten years I have worked with a large number of Technology stacks, including Java, Groovy/Grails, NodeJS and AngularJS.


My role as Head of Software Engineering means I am responsible for two key areas. Firstly as a centre for advice and technical leadership across the business. Secondly acting as 'Head Tech Coach' as part of our innovative ANDacademy - working on identifying problem technical areas and upskilling both client delivery teams and internally within AND Digital.


I’d like the ability to learn anything I pick up, straight away (without all the boring ‘being bad at something’ steps in between)

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