Club Turing

Meet our remarkable team...

Club Turing takes inspiration from the famous mathematician, creator of modern computing AND a visionary thinker on artificial intelligence, Alan Turing. This Club incorporates Alan Turing's spirit of invention, interest in exploring cutting edge technology and innovation in ways of working.

Turing Crew

This crew is the support system for Club Turing - They are the ones driving the client accounts, providing specialist expertise, supporting the people and leading the vision for Club Turing.

Cypher Squad

Cypher are the trailblazing squad who have dared to found Club Turing. Like our club namesake, we are a group of brilliant thinkers who thrive when asked to crack impossible codes and shine a light on what the future could be.

Quantum Squad

Quantum computing is a cutting edge field, with its use in cryptography labelled as the “future of Internet Security”. For us it means taking on new challenges, learning more, and a very (un)lucky cat.

Watson Squad

‘Watson’ named themselves after the fictitious character Dr. John Watson. As a character Watson has strong analytical and problem solving skills. His powers of deductions are also well known. Our squad aspires to embody these characteristics in our approach to serving customers and solving problems.

Crypto Squad

The Crypto Squad are a collection of problem solvers and digital pioneers. They’re on a mission to lead the revolutionise technology solutions for our ambitious clients.

Camellia Squad

Not a group of flowers, but a squad of hard-working and codebreaking ANDis. The name originates from the Camellia cipher and like it, they’re considered a safe pair of hands.

Morse Squad

It’s only right that the squad to complete Club Turing is Morse. A creative group of people, ready to solve all digital dilemmas - whether straightforward or codebreakingly complicated.