Club Dekker

Meet our remarkable team...

Dekker is named after Laura Dekker, an inspirational pioneer who is the youngest person to sail around the world solo. Dekker was chosen to embody the spirit of this club as it represents their strong determination and ambitious vision! Click below to find out more about the ANDis in our squads.

Dekker Crew

This crew is the support system for Club Dekker - They are the ones driving the client accounts, providing specialist expertise, supporting the people and leading the vision for Club Dekker.

Horizon Squad

The first squad in Club Dekker, Horizon squad look towards the future - building the products of tomorrow and paving the way for AND Digital's growing success.

Orion Squad

Orion, a famed hunter and navigational constellation. Orion squad hunts down solutions, value and helps clients navigate new ways of agile working.

Atlas Squad

We are the Atlas of the digital world, navigating our clients every step of the way in their journey towards digital excellence.

Lunar Squad

Lunar (Latin for Luna, meaning moon), like Agile, acts as a beacon in regular cycles when things are unclear and at the end of each cycle gives way to a brighter tomorrow.

Polaris Squad

Polaris is the most northern and brightest star. It is used as a constant bright source for travellers vision and direction.

Vanguard Squad

Leading the way in new ideas, we are an eclectic group of fearless experimenters, relentless problem solvers, pushing the boundaries, first on the ground and always hungry for new experiences.