Club Ada

Meet our remarkable team...

Ada is named after pioneer Ada Lovelace who was the first ever computer programmer. Club Ada took the name to embrace AND celebrate her vision for technology and collaboration, as she paved the way for many in the same way our first club has done for AND Digital.

Ada Crew

This crew is the leadership and support system for Club Ada - They are the ones driving the client service, providing specialist expertise, supporting our people and leading the vision for Club Ada.

Jungle Squad

Jungle are the originals, the pace setters who forged the path all new squads now follow, with an unbreakable bond which continuously grows stronger.

Volcano Squad

Difficult second album? Risk of a rubbish sequel? Not the case when Volcano started. Volcano not just by name, they are innovative and tenacious free-thinkers.

Ocean Squad

Ocean work in harmony, riding the wave to create beautiful products that delight our customers. They are also experienced in being agile when the tide changes.

Canyon Squad

A tight-knit super-organism of product development champions. Canyon combine the highest level of squad spirit and tech talent to bring success to each mission they undertake.

Glacier Squad

Glacier stays cool, calm and focused when delivering top products, great customer experiences and business value. Glacier brings a constant flow of fresh ideas to smooth the path for their clients.

Sierra Squad

Sierra strive for the summit, peaking even when faced with tough challenges. They are the product mountaineers and work together to build the best.