Remarkable things happen when you have remarkable people...

We have found extraordinary people from all walks of life that have come together to make us who we are. Each of our ANDis have got a different set of skills, specialisms and knowledge that comes together to create something amazing. When each of our ANDis join, they take a seat in our red chair which represents everyone having a seat at the table and their voice being heard within AND Digital – whatever their level or experience.

Our Clubs

With no more than 100 people, being part of a Club means you know each and every person - and we keep that small company feel. Work, play and learn with your Club!

  • Olli DruryMelroy  QuaileyEleanor CromeRyan O’ConnorSafeer HayatEvelyn  Higgins

    Club Ada

    Ada is named after pioneer Ada Lovelace who was the first ever computer programmer. Club Ada took the name to embrace AND celebrate her vision for technology and collaboration, as she paved the way for many in the same way our first club has done for AND Digital.

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  • Sunil PatilAlec BuchananAlexandra TiganJerome TosoniDiana DoncaJames Beck

    Club Dekker

    Dekker is named after Laura Dekker, an inspirational pioneer who is the youngest person to sail around the world solo. Dekker was chosen to embody the spirit of this club as it represents their strong determination and ambitious vision! Click below to find out more about the ANDis in our squads.

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  • Giovanni ToscaniEduardo  MarvalOlly NuralRoberto TrimarchiParvinder KalraIldiko  Toth

    Club Turing

    Club Turing takes inspiration from the famous mathematician, creator of modern computing AND a visionary thinker on artificial intelligence, Alan Turing. This Club incorporates Alan Turing's spirit of invention, interest in exploring cutting edge technology and innovation in ways of working.

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  • Katherine ZambaldiFarhad  KhanGraham  HowdenJames LockerAsma YounisEleni  Kola

    Club Kilburn

    Club Kilburn takes inspiration from and is named after Computer Science and Mathematician pioneer, Tom Kilburn, whose work propelled Manchester and Britain into the forefront of the emerging field of computer science. The parallels drawn between Kilburn’s pioneering work with AND’s ambitious plans are clear and embodied within this club.

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The Ones Behind The Scenes

As well as our Clubs, we have a bunch of amazing people who ensure we are hitting our goals, bringing specialist skills to our people and our clients - and most of all leading the business full steam ahead!

  • Kate MacDonaldDan ParkesDarryl  BuckseyMatthew StephensonDebbie PalmerTim Hatton

    Team Tenzing

    Tenzing are the ones behind the scenes making the magic happen. The team work together using a wide net of diverse skills and services to keep AND Digital well-oiled for success, from recruitment, learning and development, coaching, client partnerships, happiness, giving, marketing and more!

    Meet the team
  • Paul CobyRamona LiberoffShirish PatelMark ZawackiPhillip GreenNick Caplan

    Advisory Board

    Our Advisory Board is made up of a diverse set of individuals who know their way around a digital business -  with their years of experience and wisdom from the world of tech, marketing, talent, innovation and consulting, they support the leadership team in keeping the eye on the goal of becoming a remarkable company for our people and clients.

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