There's a buzz...

It’s the buzz of brilliant, curious people set free to imagine the impossible. A hubbub of ‘what ifs?’, ‘why nots?’ and ‘let’s trys’ all working together to push boundaries and create the future of digital.

Our Values

Good things come in threes. These are the values we live and breathe by each day.

  • Wonder

    Imagine the impossible then make it a reality. Love what you do. Play and learn by engaging in your passion every day. Challenge yourself to go further.

  • Share

    Collaborate internally and externally. Be part of the digital revolution. Lead the discussion and build a following. Give back.

  • Delight

    Exceed expectations by delivering better results, faster. Leave our clients wanting more of what we can bring. Build your own skills and our clients’ capabilities.

The AND Story

Back in early 2014, our founder Paramjit Uppal brought together a small group of known leaders from the world of technology, consultancy and digital – and together they had a plan to build a remarkable business. They recognised that companies need to accelerate their digital capability to compete and win in the tech based economy – but there was a gap in the market of those that actually supported this.

They realised the old ways of outsourcing, consulting, training houses and digital agencies were not the solution. Trying to hire everyone and keep them skilled and motivated was also not sustainable for most companies.

A new way was needed – combining permanent skilled team members and a focused partner, providing the best of both in one seamless and simplified experience.

Knowing that there were so many organisations out there that needed this support the team knew they would have to scale up quickly, keep clear on their ambitions and create a supportive and engaging culture to withstand fast change.

So the challenge was set to build a remarkable business that did all this.

Hello AND Digital.


We call our people ANDis. They are all part of small teams called Squads. Each Squad has a lead and a mix of developers and analysts, from junior to very experienced. Six Squads, some specialist roles and the leadership team make what we call a Club. Each Club is autonomous and based in its own Club House – and totally focused on its people and clients. This pioneering approach allows us to feel small, celebrate our quirky individuality and continue to grow at pace! We like this approach so much that we name each Club after a ground-breaking “pioneers”.

As well as our Clubs we have a bunch of amazing people who work to ensure we are hitting our big hairy audacious goals and supporting our ANDis everyday.

Meet Our People

Corporate Social Responsibility

We each hold a number of causes close to our hearts which get our minds ticking in what we can do to help. We are in the business of helping others – so it felt right to come together and build a dedicated team to do what we can for our people, our community and the environment around us. Click below to explore about our Helping ‘AND initiative.

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