There's a buzz...

It’s the buzz of brilliant, curious people set free to imagine the impossible. A hubbub of ‘what ifs?’, ‘why nots?’ and ‘let’s trys’ all working together to push boundaries and create the future of digital.

The AND Story

Back in 2014, we knew that for organisations to thrive in a tech-based economy, they must accelerate the development of their digital capabilities. These capabilities embrace more than tech, products or data alone: they also encompass people, culture and organisational structure.

The problem then – and now – is that the old ways of addressing the challenge through outsourcing, consulting, training houses or digital agencies, is no longer enough. Trying to hire-in permanent talent and keep them motivated in a highly competitive digital job market, meanwhile, is an unsustainable option for many.

A new way was needed: one that combined permanent internal teams with the support of a flexible, expert partner. A way that meant companies could ship better products faster and upskill their people – all at the same time.

To answer this urgent need, we set out to build a remarkable company: one that could scale quickly to meet demand, stay focused on its ambitions and create an engaging culture resilient enough to withstand fast-paced change.

We are AND Digital.

Our Values

  • Wonder

    We love to explore the impossible, the ‘what ifs’ – and we love making them a reality even more.

  • Share

    We raise the bar by contributing and giving back, helping others to grow alongside us.

  • Delight

    Good is a given, so we go further to deliver a service and products that people love and enjoy.

Our People

We call our people ANDis, and we organise ourselves in a unique structure – shown on the right.

  1. Each ANDi is part of a small, tight-knit team called a Squad.  Six Squads, with some specialist roles and a leadership team, make what we call a Club.
  2. A Club is a unit with no more than 80 ANDis, who together serve between 8-12 different clients.  Each Club has its own physical space – a Club House – with its own management team, and the autonomy to make its own decisions when it comes to its people and clients.
  3. Supporting the work of each Club and every ANDi is our hardworking, multidisciplinary team at Club Tenzing.

It’s a pioneering approach designed to allow us to be nimble and Agile – keeping the pace, close relationships and individuality of our start-up days, while still allowing us to grow rapidly at scale.

Meet Our People

Shared Responsibility

It’s a suprisingly small world – and a fragile one.

Part of living our values and building a remarkable company is an acknowledgement and commitment to the role we play in our wider world. Many ANDis hold particular causes close to their hearts, and actively strive to support them. And, since we’re in the business of helping others, it will come as no surprise that we have built a dedicated team of ANDis to do what we can for our people, our wider communities and the environment around us.

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